Hi, folks! my name is Elle and I started this blog/website because of this syllogism:

  • Hamilton wrote all the time
  • Hamilton was very smart
  • If I write all the time, I too will become smart

and of course, this is extremely relative.

Anyways this is me:

  1. I LOVE animals, especially dogs.
  2. I currently attend a pretty good high school.
  3. I say I’m from Dallas, but really it’s a suburb.
  4. As noted in my title, I’m one of the sleepiest girls on Earth. Literally, I sleep ALL the time. And I can fall asleep anywhere, on any surface, at any time of day. I’m quite proud, to be honest.
  5. I’m super Catholic, also proud of that.
  6. I’ve got too many siblings. Just kidding, they’re okay sometimes.
  7. Plus, I’m a middle child. That kind of sucks by the way.
  8. And my schedule is always super busy because I play some highly competitive soccer.
  9. I like to think I am creative because I love to draw and write.
  10. I’m a dedicated bibliophile. Out of all my hobbies, reading will ALWAYS be my favorite.