simple study solutions

WARNING THIS IS GEARED TOWARDS STUDENTS. if you are a student, proceed 🙂

I liked to believe I was incredibly smart. however, over the years I have noticed that I am actually just slightly above average. no mega genius inside this brain. but I work hard for the subjects I enjoy. this past semester was rough for me. I took a challenging math class that I did not give myself a chance to succeed in. I am incredibly awful at math so these contributing factors led to a semester full of misery for myself. my new years resolution was to stop procrastinating and become the student I have the potential to become. my solution? I deleted twitter, facebook, any kind of social media I could procrastinate on. except for instagram because I never use it, and snapchat because I did not have it in the first place (strict parents). then I had to change one MASSIVE habit of mine. my sleeping one. I used to go to bed in the timespan between 1 and 3 am. You can now find me sleeping from 10:30 to 11 o clock. Of course this is because I am not up doing homework I should have been doing while I was napping. All of my changes have led to more free time to read, draw, and simply enjoy my junior year of highschool. Learning is so far, fun again because I am not cramming before quizzes or tests. So without further ado, I present you, Elle´s List for Success. By the way, I have not even been doing this for a month so do not take my word for gospel. This is a slow change for me.

  1. Minimize social media time: This one seems obvious, but so far it has worked well for me. Who needs it when you can talk to people?
  2. Do not take a break when you get home: Similar to the idea that walking during a run will cause you to evade running again, if you take a break when you get home, studying will seem less and less appealing. You will also lose that motivation you had at school for studying.
  3. Prioritize: Realize what is important, and do those things first. Do not spend your time on homework that is due the next week until you have finished what is due at 12 that night.
  4. Sleep 8-10 hours: This will dispel the need for coffee and cause you to be awake for class (something I struggle with immensely); therefore, you can be attentive to your teacher and the lesson.
  5. Invest in a planner: HUGE HELP. Always have it out during class and copy down your assignments so you are not left confused when they are due because you did not remember. Or write anything you have that week, being organized is a virtue (haha).

So far, these have been the changes I have made. If I come up with others you all can guarantee that they will be posted on here. In addition to updates about my resolution.

Until the next cookout,

Elle aka. Drowsy


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